RADTec Golden Tube Electric Patio Heater


RADTec Golden Tube Electric Patio Heater

  • Experience unparalleled comfort and style in your outdoor living spaces with our advanced RADTec Golden Tube Electric Patio Heater. Designed to provide maximum heat coverage, this dual-element heater is perfect for those "hard-to-heat" areas on your patio, deck, or backyard. Embrace the warmth and elegance with our top-of-the-line patio heaters.

    Key Features:

    1. Versatile Variants: Choose from two variants to match your space - 38" (3000W/220V) and 25" (1500W/110V). Enjoy customized heating solutions tailored to your specific needs.

    2. Maximum Heat Coverage: The Genesis Series dual element heaters are engineered to deliver superior heat coverage, ensuring even warmth throughout your outdoor environment.

    3. Stylish All-Black Design: With its sleek all-black color, this wall or ceiling-mounted heater effortlessly blends with your outdoor décor, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

    4. Lightweight and Efficient:Experience the convenience of lightweight heaters that efficiently heat up challenging areas, providing you with comfort without any hassle.

    5. Remote Control Included: Take control of your heating experience with the included remote control. Adjust the temperature and settings effortlessly from a distance.

    6. Easy Installation: Our patio heaters come with a mounting kit, making installation a breeze. Choose between wall or ceiling mounting for your desired setup.

    7. 180 Day Manufacturer Warranty:Trust in the quality and performance of our product, backed by a generous 180 Day Manufacturer Warranty.


    • Enjoy maximum heat coverage for a cozy and inviting outdoor space.

    • Enhance your outdoor ambiance with the sleek all-black design.

    • Experience lightweight and efficient heaters for convenient heating solutions.

    • Control your patio heater with ease using the included remote control.

    • Rely on the durability and performance backed by a 180 Day Manufacturer Warranty.

    Elevate Your Outdoor Comfort:

    Transform your outdoor living spaces with the RADTec Golden Tube Electric Patio Heater. Embrace the perfect combination of heat coverage, style, and ease of use. Make every outdoor gathering a memorable and enjoyable experience, even on cooler days and nights!

    Discover the true potential of your outdoor spaces today. Order the RADTec Golden Tube Electric Patio Heater and elevate your outdoor comfort to a whole new level!