Napoleon Stylus Steinfeld Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

Napoleon Stylus Steinfeld Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace


  • Discover the captivating fusion of aesthetics and functionality with the Napoleon Stylus Steinfeld Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace. Crafted by the renowned brand Napoleon, this fireplace combines cutting-edge features with sleek design, redefining your space into a cozy haven. Elevate your decor while enjoying advanced features that cater to both style and convenience.

    Key Features

    • 53" Wide Burnished Walnut Surround:The Stylus Steinfeld boasts a spacious 53" wide burnished walnut encased surround, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

    • Birch Logset and Crystal Media: Enjoy the perfect blend of aesthetics with the combination of a birch logset and crystal media, enhancing the fireplace's visual appeal.

    • Accent Shelf Light: Illuminate your decor with the accent shelf light, featuring adjustable brightness settings for creating the desired ambiance.

    • Smart LED Double USB Plug: Charge your mobile devices conveniently with the smart LED double USB plug that changes from red to green to indicate charging status.

    • Customizable Flames: Choose from four flame color settings with five brightness adjustment options, allowing you to curate the ideal ambiance for any occasion.

    • Vibrant Ember Bed: Create the ultimate customization with a six-color ember bed, including cycle and fade-in/fade-out options, setting the perfect mood for relaxation.

    • Versatile Timer Settings:Set the fireplace to operate for various durations with nine timer settings, ranging from 30 minutes up to 8 hours.

    • Year-Round Comfort: Enjoy the fireplace's allure throughout the year, with flames that operate independently from the heat function.

    • Child Safety Feature:Disable the heat function for added safety, making it child-friendly without compromising on the captivating flames.

    • Effortless Installation: Simply hang the fireplace and plug it into a standard 120V outlet, offering hassle-free setup without complex installation.

    • Intuitive Controls:Navigate effortlessly with the touch control panel and multi-function remote, ensuring easy operation and control at your fingertips.

    • Thermostatic Control: Maintain optimal comfort with thermostatic control, regulating the temperature to suit your preferences.

    • Powerful Heat Output: Experience up to 5,000 BTUs and 1,500 watts of warmth, ensuring cozy surroundings even in larger spaces.

    Elevate your space with the Napoleon Stylus Steinfeld Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace, where elegance meets innovation. Trust in Napoleon's legacy of quality and craftsmanship to redefine your decor and lifestyle.

    Embrace the perfect blend of style and functionality, transforming your room into a haven of warmth and relaxation.

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