Napoleon Stylus Cara Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

Napoleon Stylus Cara Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace


  • Discover the perfect blend of elegance and functionality with the Napoleon Stylus™ Cara Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace. Crafted by Napoleon, a renowned brand in fireplaces, this fireplace serves as both a stunning focal point and a powerful heat source for spacious rooms.

    Elevate your modern or transitional decor with the contemporary surround, while enjoying its advanced features and customizable ambiance.

    Key Features

    • Contemporary Design: The Stylus™ fireplace seamlessly complements modern and transitional decor with its clean lines and monochromatic color scheme, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

    • Ample Heat Output: Heat rooms up to 400 square feet efficiently, thanks to the robust heat output of 5000 BTU's and 1,500 Watts, ensuring cozy warmth.

    • Plug-and-Play Installation:Simply hang the fireplace on the wall and plug it into a regular 120V outlet, requiring minimal setup for instant ambiance and warmth.

    User-Friendly Controls: Illuminated controls offer easy operation and fade when not in use, providing seamless control without detracting from the fireplace's aesthetics.

    • Versatile Ember Bed:Choose from six different ember bed colors or cycle through them for a captivating effect, with the option to make the ember bed fade in and out.

    • Dual Heat and Flames: Independently operate the heat and flames, allowing you to enjoy the mesmerizing fire's glow all year round, even in warm weather.

    • Customization Options: Customize your fireplace's appearance with the included crystal cube ember bed, realistic birch logs, or omit the cubes for a traditional touch.

    • Integrated USB Charging Ports: The contemporary surround features dual USB 2.0 charging ports with LED color indication, ensuring your devices are ready at all times.

    • Built-In Shelf: Display your favorite art or objects on the side shelf, accentuated by an adjustable accent light that enhances your decor and creates a focal point.

    • Convenient Timer: Automate your comfort with an adjustable timer ranging from thirty minutes to eight hours, providing flexibility to suit your preferences.

    • Full-Featured Remote Control: Operate the fireplace effortlessly from your favorite spot with the included remote control, enhancing your comfort and convenience.

    Elevate your living environment with the Napoleon Stylus™ Cara Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace, where style meets functionality in perfect harmony. Trust in Napoleon's legacy of quality and craftsmanship as you enhance your space with this exceptional fireplace. Redefine your decor with this innovative fireplace that offers both visual appeal and efficient heating, transforming your room into a cozy and stylish retreat.

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