Napoleon Luxuria See Through Direct Vent Fireplace


Napoleon Luxuria See Through Direct Vent Fireplace


  • Discover Unmatched Elegance and Cutting-Edge Heating with Napoleon's Luxuria™ See Through Linear Gas Fireplace

    Welcome to the epitome of modern sophistication – the Napoleon Luxuria See Through Direct Vent Fireplace. As your premier destination for quality fireplaces, we proudly introduce this exceptional creation from the renowned Napoleon brand. Immerse yourself in contemporary design, enhanced safety features, and advanced heating technology, all tailored to redefine your home ambiance.

    Key Features

    Unobstructed Views: Bask in the mesmerizing glow of the contemporary linear fire, offering unobstructed vistas that captivate and enhance any room.

    Safety Refined: With the triple-pane Glass Guard system, this fireplace ensures a touch-safe surface while providing an expansive view of the fire's dance.

    Dynamic Heat Control: Our groundbreaking Dynamic Heat Control technology guarantees safe and efficient heating, simultaneously warming two rooms.

    Versatile Installations:Safely exhibit TVs and artwork above the fireplace while integrating combustible materials flush to the opening, creating seamless aesthetics.

    Premium Media Choices:Elevate your fireplace with premium media selections such as Nickel Stix, Mineral Rock Kit, Shore, Beach Fire Media Kits, and a palette of Glass Ember Media and Glass Beads in diverse colors.

    Smart Connectivity:Effortlessly regulate every aspect of your fireplace experience through the included eFIRE app, conveniently from your preferred mobile device. Customize ambiance with the multi-colored LED ember bed.

    Radiant Elegance: MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels combine beauty and functionality, ensuring effective heat distribution while enhancing the aesthetic allure.

    Enchanting Ember Bed: The Ember Bed adorned with multi-colored LED lights creates a visual spectacle that adapts to your desired atmosphere.

    Divine Flame Aesthetics: Experience the captivating Divinity™ Flame Pattern, infusing sophistication and allure into your living space.

    Effortless Ignition: Begin your fireplace journey with ease, thanks to the electronic ignition system that ignites the fire at your command.

    Elevate Your Surroundings

    The Luxuria See Through Direct Vent Fireplace transforms your home into a haven of warmth and elegance. Whether for intimate evenings or social gatherings, its presence adds a touch of class to every occasion.

    Design Possibilities Unleashed

    With the Luxuria™ See Through fireplace, the potential for creative installations knows no bounds. Elevate your living environment by securely displaying artwork and televisions above the fireplace, enhancing both style and functionality.

    Express Your Individuality

    Craft a fireplace that echoes your personal style with a spectrum of premium media choices. Enrich your Luxuria fireplace with elements that reflect your unique taste.

    Safety Marries Style

    Experience the seamless fusion of safety and aesthetics with Napoleon's Luxuria See Through Linear Gas Fireplace. Trust in Napoleon's legacy of quality and innovation to curate an inviting, chic ambiance in your abode.

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