Napoleon High Country 6000 Wood-Burning Fireplace

Napoleon High Country 6000 Wood-Burning Fireplace

  • Experience the epitome of sophisticated rustic charm and cutting-edge wood burning technology with the Napoleon High Country™ 6000 wood-burning fireplace. This fireplace seamlessly marries timeless styling with state-of-the-art features. The advanced air wash system enhances airflow within the unit, making fire ignition and fuel reloading effortless, all while keeping the glass impeccably clean.

    For heightened heating efficiency, an optional blower is available. Tailor the rustic aesthetic to your preferences by selecting optional fronts, screens, and surrounds. A wood fireplace is the perfect choice to infuse your living space with class and artistic appeal.

    Key Features for an Enhanced Fireplace Experience:

    • Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass:Revel in the warmth and beauty of heat radiating ceramic glass, creating an inviting ambiance in your home.

    • Advanced Airwash System: Experience improved fire ignition and reloading efficiency through the advanced airwash system, ensuring a clearer glass view.

    • Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty: Rest easy with Napoleon's Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality and durability.

    • Elegant Cast Iron Andirons and Grate: Elevate the fireplace's visual appeal with cast iron andirons and a grate, adding to its rustic charm.

    • WHISPER QUIET™ Blower System: Enhance heating efficiency and comfort with the optional WHISPER QUIET™ blower system.

    • Firebrick Lined Firebox: The firebox is lined with firebrick, proudly featuring a cast Napoleon insignia, a symbol of quality and authenticity.

    • Robust Construction:Built to last, the fireplace boasts heavy-duty MIG welded 1/4" boiler plate construction, ensuring durability and longevity.

    Elevate your living space with the Napoleon High Country 6000 Wood-Burning Fireplace – a harmonious fusion of elegance and technology that adds an exquisite touch to your home. Reimagine warmth and sophistication with a fireplace that exudes both class and artistic brilliance.

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