Napoleon Fiberglow Vent Free Gas Log Set

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Napoleon Fiberglow Vent Free Gas Log Set

  • Transform your space into a cozy haven with the convenience of a crackling wood fire, all without the hassle or mess, thanks to the Fiberglow™ Vent Free Gas Log Set. With this log set, you can enjoy the comforting glow and heat of a traditional fireplace without the need for complex renovations, firewood, or a chimney. Designed for both existing and new openings, this vent-free log set easily installs, making it an ideal choice for homes without originally chosen fireplaces.

    Harnessing the existing air currents within your home, the Fiberglow™ Vent Free Gas Log Set circulates warmth efficiently, creating a delightful atmosphere. Simple hookup to your existing gas line is all it takes. Complete with cast iron andirons, a grate, large charcoal embers, and lava rocks, this set replicates the charm of a beloved wood fireplace, minus the effort and mess.

    Key Features for Enhanced Comfort and Convenience:

    • Affordable Heating Solution:Enjoy a Cost-Effective fireplace experience that doesn't compromise on warmth or ambiance.

    • Premium Craftsmanship:Revel in the beauty of Solid Cast Iron andirons & Grate, elevating the aesthetics of your space.

    • Effortless Ignition: Benefit from 100% Electronic Ignition, ensuring a hassle-free start to your relaxing moments.

    • Reliable Backup:Trust in the Back-Up Control System, offering peace of mind that your fireplace will always be ready.

    • Customized Ambiance: Adjust the Flame/Heat to suit your preferences, ensuring comfort in every season.

    • Versatile Options:Choose between Natural gas and propane models.

    Elevate your space's comfort and allure with the Napoleon Fiberglow Vent Free Gas Log Set. Experience the charm of a traditional fireplace without the complexities, and savor the warmth of hassle-free relaxation. Please be aware that Vent Free Products are not approved in Canada and some States. Verify your local codes concerning vent-free products.

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