Napoleon Ascent Direct Vent Fireplace


Napoleon Ascent Direct Vent Fireplace


  • Experience the timeless charm of the Ascent™ gas fireplace, a traditional masterpiece featuring the remarkably lifelike PHAZER® hand-painted log set. Designed with a clean-faced aesthetic, this fireplace prioritizes a generous viewing area, ensuring the mesmerizing flames are on full display.

    Napoleon's cutting-edge pan style burner technology and an approved safety barrier not only meet today's safety standards but anticipate tomorrow's advancements. Even during power outages, the electronic ignition system ensures continuous fireplace operation, offering unmatched warmth and security for your family.

    Key Features

    • Reliable Electronic Ignition:The Ascent™ gas fireplace boasts an electronic ignition system that guarantees operational continuity, even during power interruptions, providing consistent warmth and comfort.

    • Stunning PHAZER™ Log Set: Enjoy the unparalleled realism of the PHAZER™ log set and its captivating glowing ember bed, enhancing the authenticity of your fireplace experience.

    • Efficient Pan Style Burner: Experience the pinnacle of gas fireplace technology with Napoleon's pan style burner, offering efficient and captivating flames that emulate the allure of a traditional fireplace.

    • Pre-Wired for Wall Switch: The Ascent™ fireplace is pre-wired for a wall switch, ensuring effortless control and convenience, allowing you to adjust settings to suit your preference.

    • Versatile Ignition Options: Choose between millivolt or electronic ignition options, catering to your specific preferences and needs.

    • Dependable Back-Up Control System: Equipped with a reliable back-up control system, the Ascent™ ensures consistent performance, making it a dependable source of warmth and ambiance.

    Customize Your Space

    • Optional Media Kits:Tailor the aesthetic of your fireplace with optional media kits such as the beach fire and mineral rock kits, infusing your space with an inviting outdoor ambiance.

    • Ideal for Builders and Homeowners: The Ascent™ is designed with a shallow depth, making it a versatile choice for installations where space is limited, offering the beauty of a gas fireplace to any room.

    Discover the timelessness of the Napoleon Ascent Direct Vent Fireplace, a harmonious fusion of traditional design and advanced technology. Elevate your living space with the enchanting ambiance of lifelike flames, a glowing log set, and cutting-edge features, all meticulously crafted by Napoleon. Experience the warmth, beauty, and authenticity of a gas fireplace that becomes the heart of your home.

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