Napoleon Alluravision Slimline Electric Fireplace


Napoleon Alluravision Slimline Electric Fireplace


  • Transform your living space with the Napoleon Alluravision™ Slimline Electric Fireplace, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends contemporary design with advanced functionality. As a premier retailer of Napoleon products, we're excited to offer this exceptional fireplace that redefines comfort and aesthetics.

    Key Features

    • Nearly Frameless Linear Design: Experience the allure of a true flame display, unobstructed by frames, courtesy of the Alluravision's nearly frameless linear design.

    • Plug and Play Installation:Elevate your space effortlessly with plug-and-play installation, allowing you to hang the fireplace on the wall and enjoy its warmth instantly.

    • Slim Design, Maximum Impact:The slim profile of the fireplace ensures it subtly integrates into your room without overwhelming its aesthetics.

    • Dynamic Flame Options:Choose from four flame colors—yellow, orange, blue, and multi-colored—and five flame speeds to create the perfect ambiance.

    • NIGHT LIGHT™ Feature:Enhance your space's ambiance with the NIGHT LIGHT™ feature, boosting ambient light and creating a cozy glow within the firebox.

    • Frameless Modern Finish:The black, nearly frameless finish adds a minimalist touch that enhances the fireplace's fire aspect, seamlessly merging with your decor.

    • User-Friendly Controls: The intuitive controls illuminate when needed, providing easy operation without detracting from the fireplace's overall aesthetics.

    • Lifelike Flame Replication: Immerse yourself in lifelike flames that mimic the ebb and flow of a genuine fire, enhancing the ambiance of your space.

    • Customizable Ambiance: Set the mood with the multi-colored LED ember bed, offering six color settings—White, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, and Green—for relaxation and enjoyment.

    • Variable Flame Brightness: Tailor your experience with adjustable flame brightness and color options, including shades like inviting blue, warm yellow, lively orange, or a combination.

    • Captivating Crystal Clear Cubes: Large crystal clear cubes elegantly reflect the flames and ember bed lights, infusing contemporary luxury into your room.

    • Convenient Remote Control:Enjoy full control from your favorite spot using the included remote, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    Elevate your decor with the Napoleon Alluravision™ Slimline Electric Fireplace, where innovation meets sophistication. Rely on Napoleon's legacy of craftsmanship to redefine your space with cutting-edge features and timeless design. Immerse yourself in the beauty of flickering flames and experience the epitome of comfort and style.

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