My Grow Buddy 2.0 - Soil LED Grow Box for Plants

My Grow Buddy 2.0 - Soil LED Grow Box for Plants

  • Discover the My Grow Buddy 2.0, an advanced soil grow box designed for simplicity, efficiency, and high yields. Perfect for beginners and seasoned growers alike, this fully automated system makes indoor gardening effortless and rewarding.

    Key Features:

    • Fully Automated Soil Grow Box: The My Grow Buddy 2.0 is incredibly easy to use. Simply set up the timer as per the provided instructions, plant your seed 1 inch into the nutrient-rich soil, and water every other day until harvest.

    • Stealth and Scent Control:Handmade with robust construction, this grow box is sealed to prevent scent leakage, ensuring discreet cultivation.

    • Professional Fan System: Equipped with a professional fan system and carbon filter for optimal airflow and odor control, maintaining a healthy environment for your plants.

    • High-Efficiency LED Grow Lights: Includes LED grow lights that provide the perfect spectrum for plant growth, promoting strong and vigorous plants.

    • Top-Tier Nutrient-Rich Soil:Comes with nutrient-rich soil containing essential ingredients for robust plant development from seedling to harvest.


    • Dimensions: 36” x 16” x 12” (optional upgrade to 5.5 ft tall)

    • Weight:38 pounds

    • Yield: Grows up to 1 pound of dried plant matter per 2-3 month cycle

    What's Included:

    • Handmade, sturdy grow box with stealth design

    • Professional fan system with carbon filter

    • High-efficiency LED grow lights

    • Timer and power strip combo

    • Pots and saucers

    • Top-tier nutrient-rich soil

    • Lifetime warranty on all components (excluding lights, which have a 1-year warranty)

    • Free shipping

    • 7-day-a-week tech support via phone or email

    • Bonus: Free promotional Electrostake to electromagnetize your soil and enhance growth size, speed, and yields


    • Easy Maintenance: Soil grow boxes require minimal effort compared to hydroponics, making them ideal for busy individuals.

    • Consistent Yields: Grow up to 1 pound of dried plant matter per cycle, ensuring a steady supply of homegrown produce.

    • Support and Warranty: Enjoy lifetime support and a comprehensive warranty on all components, ensuring peace of mind.

    Why Choose My Grow Buddy 2.0?

    The My Grow Buddy 2.0 combines ease of use, high-quality components, and superior design to deliver exceptional results for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Whether you're starting your journey or expanding your grow operation, this soil grow box offers everything you need for successful and rewarding cultivation.

    Order your My Grow Buddy 2.0 - Soil LED Grow Box for Plants today and experience the convenience and efficiency of indoor gardening at its best!

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