IB7 3 Group Automatic

  • Designed for small spaces, the IB7 is the perfect coffee companion. A machine with smart, compact design that retains the robustness and durability. It is the final piece of the puzzle to make your bar complete.

    Smart Design

    The IB7 design embodies the vision of a classic 20th-century espresso machine and combines it with a reliable model built from durable materials and stainless steel panels. Whether you are experiencing IB7 for the first time or ensuring its upkeep, the IB7 fuses ergonomics with smart design to provide best experience.

    Light Up the Area

    No more working in the shadows. With this coffee machine you can work under a well-lit area and easily see what you are doing.

    Volumetric Controls

    At the touch of a button you can extract your programmed shot. Let your baristas concentrate on other tasks while the espresso maker automatically pulls your shots.

    Heat Exchange Espresso Machine

    The heat exchange espresso machine is designed to provide a consistent and efficient brewing experience. By utilizing a heat exchange system, the machine is able to simultaneously heat water for brewing and produce steam for frothing milk. This ensures that the temperature of the water remains stable throughout the brewing process, resulting in a flavorful and well-extracted shot of espresso.

    The heat exchange system also allows for quick and continuous steaming, making it ideal for busy coffee shops or home baristas looking to create lattes and cappuccinos with ease. With its ability to maintain precise temperature control and deliver powerful steam, the heat exchange espresso machine is a valuable tool for producing high-quality coffee beverages.

    Stainless Steel Steam Arms, Quick Turn Knobs

    The espresso machine is equipped with 2 stainless steel steam arms, allowing for efficient and precise steaming of milk. Additionally, the machine features fast turn steam knobs for optimal control over the steaming process. These features make it easy to create perfectly textured milk for a variety of espresso-based drinks, ensuring that every cup is crafted to perfection.

    Espresso Features:

    • Tall Cup Clearance

    • Mono boiler system

    • Electronic dosage (4 doses + continuous)

    • Volumetric Control

    • Pre-infusion

    • New touch pad with white leds

    • Barista area LED lighting

    • Stainless steel steam wands

    • Ergonomic filter-holder

    • Removeable side panels (easy access)

    • Auto boiler shut-off to prevent overheating

    • Automatic boiler refill

    • Improved access to the machine for maintenance

    • Fast turn steam knobs

    • Wooden filter-holder and knobs (optional)

    • Heat Exchanger: operated with an hydraulic circuit separated from the boiler, coffee is always prepared with fresh water

    • 4 different coffee doses for each group may be programmed

    • Included accessories: Portafilters, Single baskets, Double baskets, Blind baskets, Measuring Spoon, Group Brush, Tamper.

    • Safety Listing: NSF

    • Handmade in Spain

    • Warranty: 1 Year Parts

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