Greenhouse Flooring (Set of 63)

Greenhouse Flooring (Set of 63)

  • The RSI – Interlocking Flooring System(IFS) is a revolutionary matting made from recycled materials that creates a versatile, drainable floor surface. With approximate dimensions of 22 inches x 22 inches and available in green, black, tan, brown, and gray. IFS is a versatile, anti-slip drainage mat that provides safe footing in wet areas. The IFS innovative patented underpinning provides support while the flow-through design allows air and water to flow through quickly and easily, so areas stay safe, clean, and bacteria-free.

    The IFS panels are flexible and easily assembled with the interlocking design. The IFS is easily moved and once connected can also be rolled up as a single unit for cleaning or storage. This package is deigned to fit in a Monticello Greenhouse. Intentionally designed to have a small gap around the perimeter after installation. This can be filled with sand or stone or left empty.


    - Color: Black

    - Flexible and adaptable to different surfaces such as lawn, sand, ground, and concrete

    - Ideal for creating an anti-slip drainage mat that provides safe footing in wet areas such as a Monticello Greenhouse

    - Can be customized by 3” breakoff square segment

    - 100% regenerated polypropylene (HDPE)

    - Created with sturdy and reliable interlocking modules

    - Package includes 63 floor tiles. Designed for a Monticello 8x24 greenhouse.