Lexington Hearth Rockface Bluegrass Fog Fireplace Mantel


Lexington Hearth Rockface Bluegrass Fog Fireplace Mantel

  • Introducing the Lexington Hearth Rockface Bluegrass Fog Fireplace Non-Combustible Mantel, an embodiment of tranquility akin to the mist embracing a field of lush bluegrass, basking in the gentle morning sun. Immerse yourself in the inviting aura of soft, warm-grey tones, adorned with elegant black and cream flecks. The finishing touch of mica flakes infuses the mantel with a captivating interplay of light, bestowing a mesmerizing visual allure.

    Geologically significant, Kentucky's landscape is gracefully shaped by limestone – a foundational element that imparts strength to both horses' bones and bourbon's aging process. Drawing inspiration from this profound connection, our Limestone mantel serves as a tribute to the symbiotic relationship between horse breeders and bourbon distilleries that thrive in our remarkable state.

    Rooted in the essence of the local terrain, the Limestone mantel is sourced from an esteemed local quarry, meticulously fashioned with a chiseled edge on the face and sides prior to molding. The mantel features a smooth top and bottom, boasting a cross-section of 8” in depth by 4.75” in height. Available in both 5’ and 6’ lengths, its harmonious lines and light color palette seamlessly integrate into diverse interior design themes. The distinctive chiseled edge, adorned with speckles of mica, imparts a tasteful touch of brilliance that dances and shimmers in the light.

    Every detail is carefully honed on all exposed edges, achieving a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Designed with the utmost consideration for convenience and safety, our mantel is fashioned from a non-combustible BurncreteTM casting formulation, preserving the allure of natural stone without unnecessary weight or compromise.

    The comprehensive package includes a mounting bracket and fasteners, streamlining installation and enhancing your fireplace space effortlessly. Each mantel is meticulously hand-painted, ensuring an authentic portrayal of the Rockface Bluegrass Fog finish that radiates elegance and character. Proudly crafted in the USA, the Lexington Hearth Rockface Bluegrass Fog Fireplace Non-Combustible Mantel encapsulates the pinnacle of American artistry and craftsmanship.

    Elevate your fireplace aesthetic with the timeless charm of the Lexington Hearth Rockface Bluegrass Fog Fireplace Non-Combustible Mantel – an embodiment of serenity, elegance, and Kentucky's intrinsic allure. Redefine your space today – order now and experience the art of sophistication. Please note: Mantel only! Fireplace shown is not included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Chloe Hill
Perfect Addition to My Fireplace

I recently purchased the Rockface Bluegrass Fog Fireplace Mantel from Eco Space Living, and it's the perfect finishing touch to my fireplace. The color and texture are stunning, and the non-combustible material provides peace of mind. Installation was straightforward, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Daniel Ward

3rd buy from the store. Amazing experience as always

Madison Moore
Beautiful and Safe Mantel

Safety was a top concern when choosing a mantel for my fireplace, and the Rockface Bluegrass Fog mantel fits the bill. It's not only non-combustible but also incredibly beautiful. The craftsmanship is evident, and it's become a focal point of my living room.

Jackson Reed
Easy Installation

I'm not the handiest person, but I managed to install this mantel with ease. Eco Space Living provided clear instructions, and all the necessary hardware was included. The Rockface Bluegrass Fog mantel adds warmth and character to my home.

Harper Coleman
Elegant Design

I was looking for a mantel that would enhance the elegance of my fireplace, and this one exceeded my expectations. The Rockface Bluegrass Fog mantel's design and finish are simply exquisite. It's a beautiful addition to my living room decor.