Lexington Hearth Rickhouse Weathered Grey Fireplace Mantel


Lexington Hearth Rickhouse Weathered Grey Fireplace Mantel

  • Elevate your fireplace experience with the exquisite Lexington Hearth Rickhouse Weathered Grey Fireplace Non-Combustible Mantel, a masterpiece inspired by the iconic bourbon aging warehouses nestled along Kentucky’s renowned Bourbon Trail. Crafted to perfection, this mantel captures the essence of rustic elegance, meticulously molded from an 8” x 8” old-growth timber to authentically replicate its captivating natural characteristics.

    Immerse yourself in the allure of rich history as the Rickhouse mantel proudly showcases bark-edge waning, mortice & tenon joinery, deep checking, knots, saw marks, and tooling marks. Every detail is a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship that brings forth the true spirit of aged wood, all while retaining its remarkable wood-grain & end grain patterns.

    The Weathered Grey finish presents nature’s own artistry, a symphony of untreated wood seasoned by the elements. A soft palette of pale bluish-grey, gracefully interwoven with patches of honey tones, charcoal grey shadows, and delicate hints of pale green and cream highlights. This harmonious blend creates an enchanting visual tapestry that seamlessly complements your fireplace setting.


    Impeccable attention is lavished on every exposed edge, ensuring intricate details that exude timeless charm. Experience the allure of authentic wood without the risk of splinters, as the non-combustible cast concrete mix guarantees safety and durability, making it perfect for enhancing the heart of your home.

    Installation is a breeze with the included mounting bracket and fasteners, offering you a hassle-free way to elevate your space. Available in two sizes – 5’ (RH-5-LH-WG) and 6’ (RH-6-LH-WG) lengths – you can select the perfect fit for your fireplace design.

    Each mantel is a labor of love, individually hand-painted to capture the nuances of the Weathered Grey finish, ensuring that your piece is as unique as your home. Proudly crafted in the USA, this mantel is a true testament to American craftsmanship, bringing heritage and beauty into your living space.

    Revitalize your fireplace with the Lexington Hearth Rickhouse Weathered Grey Fireplace Non-Combustible Mantel, a fusion of history, artistry, and functionality that embodies the spirit of bygone eras while elegantly transforming your space. Make a statement of sophistication – order now and experience the warmth of tradition and innovation in perfect harmony.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gerard Larson
A Mantel That Stands Out

Got it from Eco Space Living and it is truly exceptional. Its attention to detail and Weathered Grey finish make it stand out. I'm amazed by how it replicates aged wood. Installation was smooth, and now my fireplace is a work of art.

Shane Riggs
A Timeless Addition

Was little apprihensive buying such a costly product online but the whole process was so smooth. This mantel is a timeless addition to my fireplace. The craftsmanship and Weathered Grey finish are impeccable. It replicates the beauty of aged wood effortlessly. The non-combustible concrete adds peace of mind. Installing it was a breeze, and it has transformed my living space beautifully.

Robert Nolan
Nature-Inspired Elegance

The Rickhouse mantel exudes nature-inspired elegance. Its Weathered Grey finish is like a work of art. The attention to detail, combined with non-combustible safety, is a win-win. I'm thrilled with how it complements my fireplace. Installation was easy, and it's become the centerpiece of my home. Thank you Eco Space Living.

Martha Snyder
Stunning Craftsmanship

Shipping was quick and delivery was really smooth. I'm in awe of the stunning craftsmanship of the Rickhouse Weathered Grey Mantel. It replicates aged wood with precision. The Weathered Grey finish is visually captivating. Installing it was a breeze, and it's added character and charm to my fireplace.

Ellen Sewell
Thanks Team

I had a special request for a quick delivery and the delivery was done in 5 days in New York. Cant thank the team enough