Palram - Canopia Olympia Patio Cover


Palram - Canopia Olympia Patio Cover

  • Transform your outdoor living area into an inviting haven with the Olympia Patio Cover. Whether you're hosting gatherings or seeking a tranquil retreat, this patio cover is designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Crafted with precision and built to withstand the elements, it adds both elegance and resilience to your home.

    Robust Construction: Weather the Elements with Confidence

    The gray powder-coated frame is meticulously crafted from corrosion-resistant aluminum, ensuring it can endure the harshest weather conditions. This patio cover is engineered to withstand heavy snow loads and high winds, providing you with year-round peace of mind.

    Unbreakable Bronze Tinted Roof Panels: Ultimate Protection and Style

    Experience the allure of bronze-tinted 16 mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof panels. These high-impact, shatter-resistant marvels are not only virtually unbreakable but also deliver 100% UV protection, shielding you and your outdoor furnishings from the sun's harmful rays. Say goodbye to UV worries while basking in the elegant ambiance.

    Reinforced Design: Durability Meets Aesthetic Appeal

    The Olympia Patio Cover boasts a reinforced design with durable, corrosion-resistant powder-coated gray aluminum profiles and galvanized steel connectors. It's not just built to last; it's designed to impress.

    Effortless DIY Assembly: Enjoy Sooner, Stress Less

    Enjoy a quick and easy DIY assembly process. Sliding roof panel installation and ready-to-assemble pre-drilled profiles simplify setup. Every screw you need is included, making installation safe, straightforward, and stress-free.

    Customizable and Sustainable: Your Way, Your Greenway

    Adapt the Olympia Patio Cover to your unique space with adjustable wall connections and flexible pole positioning. An integrated gutter system lets you easily collect rainwater, promoting sustainability through efficient irrigation.

    Maintenance-Free Bliss: Timeless Appeal, Zero Hassle

    Rejoice in a maintenance-free patio cover that won't rust, rot, or peel. It retains its timeless allure while sparing you the burdens of upkeep.

    Reliable Performance Metrics: Snow and Wind Resistance

    Feel secure knowing your patio cover can handle a snow load of up to 30.7 lbs per square foot and withstand winds of up to 75 mph. It's engineered for your safety and peace of mind.

    Key Features:

    • Bronze-tinted, unbreakable 16 mm multi-wall polycarbonate roof panels with 100% UV protection.

    • Durable, corrosion-resistant powder-coated gray aluminum frame.

    • Weather-resistant and galvanized steel connectors.

    • DIY-friendly assembly with pre-drilled profiles and included screws.

    • Customizable wall connections and pole positioning.

    • Integrated gutter system for sustainable rainwater collection.

    • Maintenance-free, no rust, rot, or peel.

    • Snow load capacity: 30.7 lbs per square foot.

    • Wind resistance: 75 mph.

    • Integrated rain gutters and anchoring system.

    Elevate your outdoor living space with the Olympia Patio Cover. Revel in lasting elegance, unbeatable protection, and the freedom to create the outdoor sanctuary you've always desired.

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