Palram - Canopia Hybrid 6' x 14' Greenhouse


Palram - Canopia Hybrid 6' x 14' Greenhouse

  • Step into a world of limitless gardening possibilities with the Palram - Canopia Nature Hybrid Series 6' x 14' Greenhouse. This remarkable greenhouse is a masterpiece of design, artfully combining advanced polycarbonate panels to create an environment that fosters optimal plant growth.

    Natural Light, UV Protection

    Experience the magic of your plants basking in over 90% natural light, thanks to the crystal-clear side panels. Worried about plant burn? Fear not. The 4mm twin-wall roof panels are your guardians, blocking an astonishing 99.9% of harmful UV rays.

    Feature-Rich Design for Enthusiasts

    Crafted with gardening enthusiasts in mind, the Nature Hybrid greenhouse boasts an array of features. Integrated rain gutters and a downspout thoughtfully channel rainwater to the ends, catering to environmentally conscious gardeners. With not one, but two roof vents and a magnetic-catch-equipped door, you have complete control over airflow, temperature, and humidity, ensuring the perfect growing environment.

    Effortless Setup, Rugged Build

    Say goodbye to complicated installations. This DIY-friendly greenhouse sets up swiftly, requiring no special tools. The intelligent panel slide and lock system ensures precise and rapid frame assembly, while the rust-resistant aluminum frame guarantees durability, low maintenance, and resistance to rust. Spend your time growing, not maintaining.

    Complete Accessory Ecosystem

    Enhance your gardening experience with Palram - Canopia's extensive range of accessories, meticulously designed to maximize productivity, save space, and bolster your greenhouse's protection against the elements.

    Key Features:

    • Twin-wall roof panels block up to 99.9% of UV rays, with crystal-clear virtually unbreakable polycarbonate side panels providing 90% light transmission.

    • A robust rust-resistant aluminum frame offers unwavering support.

    • Revel in a sprawling 84 sq. ft. growing area with 6.5' of headroom.

    • The kit includes not one but two adjustable roof vents, rain gutters, a lockable door handle, and a low-threshold ramp for easy access.

    • Enjoy peace of mind with a generous 5-year limited warranty and dedicated U.S.-based customer support.

    • Exceptional snow load capacity of 15.4 pounds per square foot.

    • Withstands winds up to 56 mph when used with the anchoring kit.

    • A spacious roof design and high walls provide ample room for your plants.

    • Quick assembly with an average setup time of five to six hours.

    • The Nature Series seamlessly integrates with Palram - Canopia's line of hobby greenhouse accessories, optimizing space for a more productive growing season.

    • Features include two adjustable roof vents, rain gutters, a lockable door with a magnetic catch, and a galvanized steel base.

    Elevate your gardening with the Palram - Canopia Nature Hybrid Series 6' x 14' Greenhouse. Create the ultimate haven for your plants, ensuring year-round growth, protection, and endless possibilities.

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