Napoleon Wood Burning Cast Iron Stove


Napoleon Wood Burning Cast Iron Stove


  • Elevate the comfort and style of your living space with the Napoleon Wood Burning Cast Iron Stove. Boasting a clean and contemporary design, this stove combines modern aesthetics with EPA 2020 certified wood-burning technology for an exceptional heating experience. With its remarkably long burn times, you can relish the warmth and beauty of the fire without constant reloading.

    The stove's heavy-duty firebox top and full-width ash lip provide both functionality and protection, ensuring that your floor remains debris-free. With an optional large ash pan equipped with easy glide rollers, cleanup becomes a breeze. Embrace the fusion of contemporary lines and efficient heating with this exceptional wood-burning stove.

    Key Features for Unmatched Performance

    • Multiple Firebox Capacities: Choose from two firebox capacities - 1.9 cu. ft. (S20) or 2.5 cu. ft. (S25) to match your heating needs.

    • Extended Burn Times:Enjoy up to 8 hours of burn time with the S20 or an impressive 16 hours with the S25 for prolonged heating without constant attention.

    • EPA 2020 Certified:Embrace environmentally conscious heating with EPA 2020 certified wood-burning technology.

    • Efficient Emissions and Efficiency: Benefit from a weighted average emissions rate of 2.25 g/hr and a weighted average overall efficiency of 72%, ensuring both a cleaner burn and optimal heat output.

    • Contemporary Design: Admire the sleek and contemporary design that effortlessly integrates into your existing decor.

    • Large Glass Viewing Area:Revel in the captivating view of the flames through the extra-large glass viewing area, enhanced by hidden hinges for a seamless look.

    • Functional Firebox: Experience convenience with the precision easy glide ash drawer, and consider the optional removable ash pan for simplified cleanup.

    • Protective Features:Safeguard your flooring with the heavy-duty 5/16"" firebox top, designed to withstand the demands of daily use.

    • Ceramic Fiber Baffle System: Benefit from efficient combustion and heat distribution with the advanced ceramic fiber baffle system.

    Elevate Your Space

    The Napoleon Wood Burning Cast Iron Stove effortlessly combines contemporary aesthetics with advanced wood-burning technology. With extended burn times and EPA 2020 certification, this stove offers both environmental responsibility and exceptional heating performance.

    Its clean lines and large glass viewing area enhance your living space, while functional features like the easy glide ash drawer and optional ash pan ensure convenience. The stove's heavy-duty components and ceramic fiber baffle system guarantee enduring efficiency. Experience the marriage of style and functionality with the Napoleon Wood Burning Cast Iron Stove.

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