Napoleon Vector Single Sided Direct Vent Fireplace


Napoleon Vector Single Sided Direct Vent Fireplace


  • Elevate Your Ambiance with the Napoleon Vector™ Linear Gas Fireplace

    Introducing the Napoleon Vector Single Sided Direct Vent Fireplace, a pinnacle of modern design and customizable elegance. As an authorized retailer of Napoleon, a renowned brand in fireplaces, we're proud to present this masterpiece that brings together sleek aesthetics, radiant warmth, and versatile options to redefine your living space.

    Key Features

    Contemporary Design: Immerse yourself in the sleek, contemporary design of the Napoleon Vector™ linear gas fireplace, harmonizing seamlessly with modern interiors.

    Designer Customization: Choose from an array of designer options to create a fireplace that aligns with your unique style and taste.

    Divinity™ Flame Pattern: Experience the Divinity™ flame pattern, characterized by its artful peaks and valleys, enriching your space with captivating visual allure.

    Radiant Ember Glow:Revel in the radiant glow of the flames as they dance through the clear glass bead ember bed, casting an enchanting ambiance.

    NIGHT LIGHT™ Brilliance:Utilize the NIGHT LIGHT™ system and multi-colored LED lights beneath the ember bed to infuse your room with a gentle glow when the fire is not in use.

    Premium Media Kits: Elevate your fireplace with premium media kits such as Nickel Stix, Mineral Rock Kit, Shore, Beach Fire Media Kits, and an array of multicolored Glass Ember Media or Glass Beads, allowing you to craft a truly unique aesthetic.

    Convenient Control: Take charge of your fireplace experience effortlessly with the included eFIRE app, offering Bluetooth control from your favorite mobile device.

    Radiant Reflection:MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels serve both form and function, enhancing heat distribution while elevating the visual appeal.

    Effortless Ignition: Begin your fire journey with ease, thanks to the electronic ignition system that ignites the flames at your command.

    Customization Flexibility:Tailor your installation using the optional end panel kit, adapting the fireplace to your desired setup.

    Elevate Your Atmosphere

    Transform your living space into a realm of sophistication and comfort with the Napoleon Vector™ Linear Gas Fireplace. It's not just a fireplace; it's a statement of refined luxury.

    Design Your Ideal Space

    With the Vector™ fireplace, you're not limited to warmth alone. Safely display TVs and artwork above the fireplace, enriching your room's aesthetic and functionality.

    Illuminate Your Imagination

    Personalize your fireplace with premium media options, curating an ambiance that echoes your distinctive style and taste.

    Safety Meets Innovation

    Experience the seamless convergence of safety and innovation with Napoleon's Vector Single Sided Direct Vent Fireplace. Trust in the Napoleon brand's legacy of excellence as you elevate your living space into a haven of warmth, style, and allure.

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