Napoleon Oakville X Series Gas Fireplace Insert Milivolt Ignition


Napoleon Oakville X Series Gas Fireplace Insert Milivolt Ignition


  • Experience the epitome of luxury and warmth with the exquisite Napoleon Oakville™ X Series Gas Fireplace Insert Milivolt Ignition. Building upon the quality features of the Oakville™ series, this deluxe insert introduces the exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™ detail that casts a soothing glow, enveloping your room in warmth, even when the fireplace is not in use. Featuring a distinctive dual burner split-flow system, this unit creates a mesmerizing triple flame pattern, and it allows independent operation of the front and rear burners.

    Installing this masterpiece is a breeze as the firebox can slide to the back of your existing fireplace opening, offering convenience and efficiency. With added BTU's, directional baffles optimize airflow, ensuring maximum heat distribution throughout your home. The Oakville™ X Series is your ultimate solution for upgrading and replacing inefficient old masonry setups.

    Key Features for Unparalleled Comfort and Style:

    • Clean Face Design and Flush Finish:Enjoy a sleek and sophisticated appearance with clean face design and flush finish accessories.

    • Effortless Installation: Slide the unit seamlessly to the back of the insert cavity for easy setup.

    • Vast Viewing Area:Delight in a full view design boasting an expansive 340 sq. in. viewing area.

    • Milivolt Ignition:The SIT Proflame II Electronic Ignition ensures seamless and reliable startups.

    • Exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™:Bask in the radiant warmth of the exclusive NIGHT LIGHT™ that emanates a gentle glow, even when the fireplace is not in use.

    • Safety and Visibility: The premium clean face safety barrier maximizes the viewing area while prioritizing safety.

    • Optimized Heat Distribution:Directional baffles enhance airflow, driving heat efficiently throughout your space.

    • Design Flexibility: Embrace design versatility with clean contemporary faceplates and backerplates.

    • Customization Galore: Choose from a wide array of media kits, brick panels, and porcelain panels to craft your desired look.

    • Enhanced Circulation: Enjoy enhanced warmth circulation with the superior heat circulating blower, included as standard.

    • Tailored Faceplate Options: Opt for optional faceplates in 2.5" and 5" widths, available in 3-sided or 4-sided configurations.

    Elevate your living space with the Napoleon Oakville X Series Gas Fireplace Insert Milivolt Ignition, where every detail exudes elegance and comfort. Redefine your home's ambiance with this masterful addition that blends style and functionality seamlessly.

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