Napoleon Oakdale Wood Burning Fireplace Insert


Napoleon Oakdale Wood Burning Fireplace Insert


  • Napoleon continues to expand its renowned wood burning collection with the exquisite Napoleon Oakdale™ wood insert. This insert showcases a timeless flush front design adorned with a cast iron surround, seamlessly merging classic aesthetics with modern technology.

    Four stainless steel secondary air tubes work in harmony to intensify the fuel burning process, creating a mesmerizing and captivating display of YELLOW DANCING FLAMES®. Featuring a removable painted black log retainer and a heat-circulating blower, the Oakdale™ promises to be the ultimate heating solution, replacing and revitalizing drafty masonry fireplaces in homes and cottages.

    Key Features for Unmatched Comfort

    • EPA Certified: Rest assured with environmentally friendly heating, as the Oakdale™ is EPA certified for optimum efficiency.

    • Lifetime Warranty:Enjoy peace of mind with the Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring long-lasting quality.

    • Classic Elegance: Embrace the allure of a black traditional fireplace insert that exudes timeless charm.

    • Unparalleled Viewing Area: Marvel at the industry's largest ceramic glass viewing area, capturing the flames' magic.

    • Superb Firebox Lining: Experience enhanced durability and performance with a full refractory lined firebox.

    • Efficient Airwash: Maintain clear glass and unobstructed views of the flames with the Oakdale's™ effective airwash system.

    Upgrade Your Hearth, Elevate Your Experience

    Elevate the ambiance and comfort of your space with the Napoleon Oakdale Wood Burning Fireplace Insert. A harmonious blend of classic elegance and innovative technology, this insert brings warmth and allure to your living space. Enjoy the mesmerizing dance of YELLOW DANCING FLAMES®, efficient heating, and an inviting atmosphere that embraces the best of both tradition and modernity. Whether it's revamping an old fireplace or adding character to a new setting, the Oakdale™ is the perfect embodiment of comfort and sophistication.

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