Napoleon High Country 8000 Wood-Burning Fireplace

Napoleon High Country 8000 Wood-Burning Fireplace

  • Experience the European-inspired elegance of the Napoleon High Country™ 8000 wood-burning fireplace, a masterpiece that boasts an expansive viewing area. This fireplace seamlessly combines sleek design with exceptional functionality. The revolutionary ZERO GRAVITY™ door system ensures effortless operation of the screen and heat radiating ceramic glass, allowing you to enjoy the fire through either medium or both.

    Igniting and refueling the fireplace becomes a breeze, as the design prioritizes ease. With a spacious firebox capable of accommodating up to 50 lbs of wood and lined with refractory brick, this fireplace embodies performance and aesthetics. The powerful air wash system keeps the glass clear, while super-boost air induction ports guarantee swift start-ups. Elevate your living space with the High Country™ 8000 – a sophisticated choice that adds a touch of artistry to your home.

    Key Features for an Enhanced Fireplace Experience:

    • Efficient Clean Burning:Experience Clean Burning technology that minimizes emissions for an eco-friendly and efficient fireplace.

    • Revolutionary ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System:Enjoy the convenience of independent operation for the screen and heat radiating ceramic glass, providing flexible viewing options.

    • Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty: Rest easy with the assurance of Napoleon's Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty, a testament to the quality and durability of this fireplace.

    • Optimized Firebox Aerodynamics: Discover superior firebox aerodynamics that enhance the efficiency and performance of the fireplace.

    • Advanced Flue and Air Damper: Benefit from 100% closure of the flue damper and outside air damper when not in use, contributing to optimal energy conservation.

    • Versatile Chimney Diameter: With a 10"" diameter chimney allowance, this fireplace offers versatile installation options.

    • Precise Outside Air Control:Take control with the outside air control lever, ensuring consistent and efficient combustion.

    • Complete Comfort: Included heat-resistant gloves enhance your safety and comfort while operating the fireplace.

    Elevate your home with the Napoleon High Country 8000 Wood-Burning Fireplace – where exquisite design meets exceptional performance. Redefine your space with a statement of sophistication and warmth that enriches your living experience.

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