Napoleon High Country 5000 Wood-Burning Fireplace

Napoleon High Country 5000 Wood-Burning Fireplace


  • Transform your living space with the allure of a European-inspired, clean face fireplace combined with the comforting ambiance of a wood-burning hearth. Napoleon's High Country™ 5000 wood-burning fireplace seamlessly blends traditional warmth with contemporary elegance. Crafted with built-in horizontal and vertical airflow directional ridges, this fireplace accelerates air circulation beneath and behind the wood, facilitating rapid start-ups and directing smoke upward and to the back of the firebox for an unparalleled clean burning experience.

    The ingenious counterbalanced ZERO GRAVITY™ screen and door operate independently, effortlessly igniting and loading the fireplace. When not in use, the flue and outside air damper seal tightly, minimizing heat loss within your home. Revel in the radiant glow of a wood fire that infuses warmth, luxury, and impact into your cherished space.

    Exceptional Features for an Exceptional Fireplace:

    • Clean Burning Brilliance: Experience clean burning perfection, where elegance meets environmental consciousness.

    • ZERO GRAVITY™ Door System: Enjoy the ingenuity of the ZERO GRAVITY™ door system, offering effortless operation for lighting and loading.

    • Effortless Glass Swing: The glass swings open with ease, allowing for convenient access and maintenance.

    • Optimized Firebox Aerodynamics: Ingenious horizontal and vertical airflow directional ridges optimize air circulation for rapid ignition and a pristine burning experience.

    • Chimney Compatibility:Accommodating a 10"" diameter chimney, this fireplace is designed for compatibility and efficiency.

    • Chic Charcoal-Finished Steel Andirons: Steel andirons in a sophisticated charcoal finish enhance the fireplace's aesthetic appeal.

    • Precision Outside Air Control: Regulate the fireplace's performance with the outside air control lever, ensuring efficient combustion.

    Revel in the opulence of the Napoleon High Country 5000 Wood-Burning Fireplace, an embodiment of timeless elegance and modern efficiency. Experience the soothing warmth and striking impact that this fireplace brings to your cherished space.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Damien Carpenter
Cozy Winter Nights

The Napoleon High Country 5000 Wood-Burning Fireplace has made our winter nights incredibly cozy. It's more than just a heating appliance; it's a centerpiece of warmth and comfort in our home. We love gathering around it with family and friends. A fantastic addition to our living space.

Brian Gordon
Warmth and Elegance

Bought it from Eco Space Living and i must say that this fireplace combines both warmth and elegance in a way that's truly remarkable. It not only heats our home efficiently but also adds a touch of sophistication to our decor. The High Country 5000 is a beautiful blend of functionality and style that we absolutely adore.

Jane Wells
Efficient and Stylish

We've found the Napoleon High Country 5000 Wood-Burning Fireplace to be exceptionally efficient at heating our home during the cold months. Its stylish design is the icing on the cake. It's a reliable source of warmth that also enhances the aesthetics of our living room.

Jacob Clark
Hearth of Our Home

The Napoleon High Country 5000 Fireplace has become the heart of our home. It radiates not only warmth but also a sense of togetherness. Our family gatherings around this fireplace are now filled with joy and laughter. It's more than just a heating appliance; it's a cherished part of our lives.

Madeleine King
Great Store

Great collection of fireplaces to choose from. Top Notch brands. Great store