Napoleon Haliburton Direct Vent Gas Stove


Napoleon Haliburton Direct Vent Gas Stove

  • Experience the perfect blend of beauty and convenience with the Napoleon Haliburton™ Gas Stove, the ideal solution for smaller spaces. This gas stove offers a variable heat range, delivering impressive performance of up to 30,000 BTU's, making it compact in size but abundant in power.

    Key Features for Enhanced Comfort

    • Powerful Heat Output: Enjoy up to 30,000 BTU's of warmth, perfect for cozying up your living space.

    • Heat Radiating Ceramic Glass: Admire the gentle glow of the flames through heat radiating ceramic glass.

    • Lifetime Warranty:Rest assured with the Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty, ensuring long-lasting quality.

    • No Electricity Required: Experience uninterrupted comfort, as this gas stove operates without the need for electricity.

    • Customizable Flame and Heat: Adjust the flame and heat settings to create your desired ambiance.

    • Captivating YELLOW DANCING FLAMES®: Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing dance of lifelike flames.

    • SAFE GUARD™ Gas Control System: Prioritize safety with the 100% SAFE GUARD™ Gas Control System.

    • Integrated Safety Screen: Enhance safety without compromising on aesthetics, thanks to the built-in safety screen.

    Elegance Meets Efficiency

    The Napoleon Haliburton Direct Vent Gas Stove proves that great things indeed come in small packages. Designed to fit seamlessly into limited spaces, this gas stove brings together sophistication and performance.

    With its impressive heat output, captivating flame display, and commitment to safety, the Haliburton™ Gas Stove offers a warm and inviting atmosphere for your home. Illuminate your living space with the comforting glow of lifelike flames and experience the perfect harmony of aesthetics and functionality.

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