Napoleon Ascent BX Direct Vent Fireplace Electronic Ignition

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Napoleon Ascent BX Direct Vent Fireplace Electronic Ignition


  • Elevate your living space with the captivating warmth of the Ascent™ X gas fireplace. Infuse your home with the comforting glow of realistic hand-painted PHAZER® logs, complete with a radiant ember bed that sets an inviting ambiance. The full-width firebox and clean-faced design provide an unobstructed view of the majestic flames, ensuring that every moment by the fire is cherished. Prioritize safety with the premium safety barrier that safeguards your family while preserving the beauty of the flames.

    Personalize the Ascent™ X fireplace to match your family's unique style through an array of designer options, including fronts, trims, and decorative backer panels. Enhance the allure with beach fire, shore fire, and mineral rocks enhancement kits. The included blower, NIGHT LIGHT™ feature, and remote control offer seamless operation and enjoyment, making your experience as effortless as possible. Take control from your favorite spot using your mobile devices through the convenient eFire remote app.

    Key Features to Enhance Your Experience:

    • Exquisite Realism: Immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of the exclusive PHAZER™ log set and glowing ember bed, setting the scene for unforgettable moments.

    • Efficient Burner Design: The pan style burner optimizes the fire's performance, ensuring a consistently mesmerizing display.

    • Enhanced Safety: The premium safety screen included offers peace of mind while maintaining a clear view of the captivating flames.

    • Effortless Ignition: Enjoy the convenience of electronic ignition, igniting the flames with ease and precision.

    • Reliable Backup: The battery back-up control system ensures uninterrupted enjoyment, even during power outages.

    • Seamless Control:The included remote control provides intuitive operation, putting the power of ambiance in your hands.

    • Gentle Illumination: The NIGHT LIGHT™ feature adds a subtle glow, enhancing the atmosphere even when the flames are not in use.

    • Emergency Operation: Stay prepared with emergency operation supported by a USB power bank (not supplied), ensuring warmth when needed.

    • Design Flexibility: Opt for the optional heat management feature to achieve reduced clearance to combustibles, expanding your placement options.

    • Fuel Options: Choose between natural gas and propane models, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

    Elevate your home's ambiance with the Napoleon Ascent BX Direct Vent Fireplace Electronic Ignition, where sophisticated design meets unparalleled comfort. Trust in Napoleon's legacy of quality and innovation to create moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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