Napoleon Ascent 42" Deep X Direct Vent Fireplace Electronic Ignition

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Napoleon Ascent 42" Deep X Direct Vent Fireplace Electronic Ignition


  • Unveil the timeless allure of the Ascent™ Deep X 42 Gas Fireplace, a symbol of traditional elegance with a touch of innovation. Featuring a handcrafted premium split oak log set, this fireplace brings authenticity and charm to your space. Its clean-faced design, complemented by an extra-deep 22-inch firebox, ensures an immersive experience as you bask in the radiant glow of the mesmerizing flames.

    Dive into a world of customization, where numerous optional fronts, backs, trim kits, logs, and rocks allow you to curate a fireplace that's uniquely yours. With the optional heat management system, you can transform your interior design with reduced clearance to combustibles, enabling you to place cherished electronics and artwork closer to the fireplace without concern for heat damage. The Ascent™ Deep X 42 Gas Fireplace guarantees a comfortable and inviting ambiance for years to come.

    Key Features at a Glance:

    • Impressive Heat Output: Enjoy 31,000 BTUs of warmth, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and comfort.

    • Deeper Framing Depth: With a 22" framing depth, the fireplace allows for a greater depth of installation and design flexibility.

    • Versatile Venting:The fireplace accommodates both Rigid and Flex venting, ensuring a seamless installation process.

    • Crystal-Clear View: Ceramic glass ensures an unobstructed view of the enchanting flames, enhancing the visual experience.

    • Convenient Control:The standard remote offers effortless control of your fireplace's ambiance, ensuring your comfort.

    • Enhanced Comfort: The standard blower ensures efficient heat circulation, creating a cozy environment throughout the space.

    • Premium Safety Barrier: The premium safety barrier combines style and security, offering peace of mind while enhancing aesthetics.

    • Customization Galore:Explore a wide range of optional accessories to personalize your fireplace, making it a true reflection of your style.

    • Interior Design Flexibility:Opt for the optional Heat Management feature to reduce clearance to combustibles, expanding your design possibilities.

    Elevate your living space with the Napoleon Ascent 42" Deep X Direct Vent Fireplace Electronic Ignition, where craftsmanship meets innovation to create a haven of warmth and sophistication. Revel in the seamless fusion of traditional charm and modern features, and trust in the Napoleon brand's legacy of excellence.

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