My Grow Buddy Plus - Soil LED Grow Box for Plants

My Grow Buddy Plus - Soil LED Grow Box for Plants

  • Transform your indoor gardening experience with the My Grow Buddy Plus - a limited edition, fully automated soil grow box designed for ease of use and high yield. Perfect for both beginners and experienced growers, this stealth grow box ensures your plants thrive with minimal effort.

    Key Features:

    • Automated and Easy to Use:The My Grow Buddy Plus is designed for simplicity. Just set the timer using the provided instructions, plant your seed 1 inch into the nutrient-rich soil, and water every other day until harvest.

    • Stealth and Scent Control:This handmade, extremely sturdy grow box is sealed to prevent scent leakage, ensuring a discreet growing experience.

    • Professional Fan System:Equipped with a high-quality fan system and carbon filter for optimal airflow and odor control.

    • High-Efficiency LED Grow Lights:Advanced LED grow lights provide the perfect spectrum for plant growth, maximizing yield and quality.

    • Nutrient-Rich Soil:Comes with top-tier soil enriched with essential nutrients, ensuring your plants get a strong start.


    • Dimensions: 66” x 16” x 12”

    • Weight: 58 pounds

    • Yield: Grows up to 2 pounds of dried plant matter per 2-3 month cycle

    What's Included:

    • Handmade, sturdy grow box with stealth design

    • Professional fan system with carbon filter

    • High-efficiency LED grow lights

    • Timer and power strip combo

    • Pots and saucers

    • Top-tier nutrient-rich soil

    • Detailed instructions

    • Lifetime warranty on all components (excluding lights, which have a 1-year warranty)

    • Free shipping

    • 7-day-a-week tech support via phone or email

    • Bonus: Free promotional Electrostake to electromagnetize your soil and boost your yields


    • Ease of Use: Soil grow boxes are simpler than hydroponics, requiring only basic setup and regular watering.

    • Low Maintenance: Spend just 2 minutes every 2-3 days watering your plants, making it ideal for busy gardeners.

    • High Yield: Grow up to 2 pounds of dried plant matter in each 2-3 month cycle.

    • Reliable Support: Benefit from unlimited 7-day-a-week tech support and a lifetime warranty on all components (except lights).

    Why Choose My Grow Buddy Plus?

    The My Grow Buddy Plus is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to grow plants indoors with ease and discretion. Its automated features, high-quality components, and user-friendly design make it perfect for achieving impressive yields with minimal effort. Invest in the best and enjoy a hassle-free indoor gardening experience.

    Order your My Grow Buddy Plus - Soil LED Grow Box for Plants today and take your indoor gardening to the next level!

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