Lexington Hearth Flat Sawn Beam Maduro Fireplace Mantel


Lexington Hearth Flat Sawn Beam Maduro Fireplace Mantel

  • Embrace the timeless charm of equestrian aesthetics with the Lexington Hearth Flat Sawn Beam Maduro Fireplace Non-Combustible Mantel. Inspired by the distinctive look of Kentucky horse farms, where 3 & 4 rail fencing elegantly defines paddocks, this mantel captures the essence of rustic elegance. While oak is often used for horse fencing, we celebrate the exquisite rough-sawn grain of western red cedar for a unique touch. The Flat Sawn Beam mantel exudes the allure of a classic fence rail, while its refined details offer a contemporary twist, providing a captivating alternative to our rustic mantels.

    Meticulously modeled from a rough-cut western red cedar beam, the Flat Sawn Beam mantel boasts a cross-section of 8.25” deep x 4” high, available in both 5’ and 6’ lengths. This versatile size and refined appearance make it the perfect fit for contemporary and transitional fireplace applications, effortlessly enhancing your interior design. Characterized by intricate rough-sawn woodgrain on the top and bottom surfaces, the smooth face grain proudly showcases circular saw marks, adding to its authentic appeal.

    Every exposed edge is adorned with intricate detailing, seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality. Crafted from a non-combustible BurncreteTM casting formulation, this mantel expertly preserves the wood's innate allure while ensuring a splinter-free experience, prioritizing both safety and enduring elegance for your fireplace setting.

    Effortless installation awaits with the included mounting bracket and fasteners, streamlining the process of enhancing your space. Each mantel is individually hand-painted, ensuring a unique touch that captures the nuanced tones of the Maduro finish. Proudly made in the USA, the Lexington Hearth Flat Sawn Beam Maduro Fireplace Non-Combustible Mantel represents the pinnacle of American craftsmanship, infusing authenticity and artistry into your living space.

    Elevate your fireplace aesthetic with the timeless allure of the Lexington Hearth Flat Sawn Beam Maduro Fireplace Non-Combustible Mantel – a harmonious fusion of tradition, rustic charm, and contemporary elegance. Make a statement of enduring beauty – order now and transform your environment into an oasis of sophistication. Please note: Mantel only! Fireplace shown is not included.

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Customer Reviews

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A Mantel of Warmth and Style

Awesome Purchase. We've added a mantel that exudes warmth and style to our home. Its rich finish and elegant design make our fireplace a focal point of beauty and comfort. We couldn't be happier with our choice.

Monica Powell
Beauty and Functionality

This mantel from Lexington Hearth is the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. It not only enhances the aesthetics of our fireplace but also serves as a practical shelf for displaying our cherished decor items.

First Class

The Eco Space Living service rep was first class and the shipping was remarkably fast. I recommended to a friend

Fireplace Finesse

Got it from Eco Space Lving. The fireplace now has the finesse it deserves, all thanks to this remarkable mantel from Lexington Hearth. Its rich finish adds character, and it's where we showcase family photos and mementos that hold sentimental value.

Timeless Elegance

Very happy with the product. The mantel brings timeless elegance to our living space. Its design is a statement of sophistication, and its rich finish adds depth to our decor. It's a classic piece that enhances our home's charm.