E5SD Espresso Grinder

  • Made in Venice, Italy, this Italian espresso grinder is built for performance and endurance. As a single dose grinder, the E5SD comes with multiple features to help you get the most out of your beans.

    Steady Lock

    The steady lock grinding system ensures that under any condition your coffee grinder maintains a consistent distance between the burrs. This single dosing grinder configuration of the E5SD makes going from espresso to drip really easy.

    Quieter Operations

    The innovative mechanical suspension of the motor and the soundproofing make these coffee grinders the quietest on the market.

    Easily Service

    The quick service, coupled with the anti-clogging system, makes it easy for anyone to perform maintenance. Easy access burrs make your cleaning and maintenance more straightforward and less expensive with less time and money invested.

    Bellows Attachment Included

    The bellow attachment is tapped to force air straight through the grinding chamber resettling the ground coffee. By tapping with the hand the ground coffee exits the grinding chamber into the metal coffee container. The coffee container is held hands-free to the front of the E5SD by the container support.

    • Touchscreen display

    • 64 mm steel flat burrs

    • Ground Coffee Container

    • Funnel for putting group coffee into your portafilter

    • Coffee Bean Shaker

    • Ross Droplet Technique (RDT) Sprayer

    • Zero Retention Single Dosing Grinder

    • Single Dose Coffee Tools Included

    • Retention Bellows Attachment

    • Stepless Grinding Adjustment

    • Steady Lock Grind Adjustment

    • Safety Listing: ETL, CE, NSF

    • Made in Italy

    • One year warranty - Parts & Labor

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