Arteflame Weber Style Griddle & Grill Grate Combination Insert


Arteflame Weber Style Griddle & Grill Grate Combination Insert

Unlock the potential of your Weber and grill steakhouse quality food at home with a Griddle insert from Arteflame. Once you swap your old grate out for the Arteflame Grill Grate and Griddle insert you are on your way to grilling your meats the same way they do at top steakhouse restaurants.

The griddle gives the perfect sear while not overcooking the inside of your steak. While the steak is sizzling in its own juices, it naturally picks up the great smokey flavor from the live fire. The juices from traditional grill grates drip down into the fire along with the flavor. Live wood fire seasons the meat naturally, with a taste you cannot achieve any other way. Most importantly, the griddle gets super-hot, which is the key to sealing in great taste and flavor. Nothing will ever compare to this formula. That is why the top restaurant steakhouse steaks taste so great.

These three key factors are crucial towards getting you the steakhouse quality steaks you can now grill in your own backyard.

Made in the USA, Arteflame inserts are exceptional for grilling veggies, poultry and even a complete breakfast with bacon, eggs and pancakes!


Carbon Steel and Cast Iron are very similar. This is why both are very good for cooking and grilling. The main difference is that Carbon Steel contains about 1% Carbon while Cast Iron contains 2% - 3% Carbon. This difference might not sound like much but the carbon effects the grain structure of the metal.

When Cast Iron is heated unevenly, the heat differential causes stress in the metal as the thermal expansion is uneven. When this stress encounters a pocket of carbon, Cast Iron cracks. This is also why Cast Iron often breaks when it is dropped. The area of high carbon is extremely brittle and can’t stand the shock.

In a grill, the heat is never uniform. This makes cast Iron an especially poor choice for grill inserts. For this reason, all Arteflame cooktops, inserts, griddles and Burger Pucks are made of only Carbon Steel.

1. Center Grill Grate INCLUDED
2. Various Grill Grate Replacement Insert Sizes Available for a Perfect Fit
3. Use with wood or charcoal
4. Precision laser cut from solid US steel for ready to use food grade finish
5. Virtually maintenance-free: 60 second clean up
6. Cooktop seasons with use
7. Made in USA, guaranteed not to break or crack
8. *Grill NOT INCLUDED* with purchase

Note: When the insert arrives, the cooktop will be silver (unseasoned). It will develop the dark black color shown in the images once it's been used several times.