Arteflame Pizza Oven With Pizza Grate


Arteflame Pizza Oven With Pizza Grate

Having a Barbecue Pizza Oven is one of the most popular accessories. The Arteflame Pizza Oven has a stainless steel oven and a special pizza grill insert. Combined, they create a cooking chamber and make it easy to bake amazing pizza right on your Arteflame grill. You need a pizza oven to funnel the heat over top of the pizza and properly bake the top and melt the cheese.

The pizza oven is an open front design so you can see your pizza as it bakes and rotate it easily for uniform baking. The pizza grill inserts drop right into the center of your Arteflame and gives you more room to put your pizza where the temperature is perfect. It also has large air vents that funnel the heat through the pizza oven.

The Arteflame pizza oven sits right over the open fire and can reach temperatures of over 1,000°F (500°C) just like the brick pizza ovens in a pizzeria.

Using the pizza oven kit is simple and fun, allowing you to make great pizzas right on your grill.

• Pizza Oven With Pizza Grate available for 40" and 30" Arteflame Grills
• Special Pizza Grill Grate included for 40" or 30" Grills
• Perfect for Pizza's up to 14"
• Will bake all frozen, store bought or pizzas made from scratch
• Pizza oven is 100% stainless steel, no moving parts, hinges or welds
• Pizza oven design allows for easy movement to control the heat
• Oven can be used to bake all kinds of food. Try cookies or brownies!
• Made in the USA, designed to last a lifetime