Arteflame Classic / Euro Optional Base

Base Type

Arteflame Classic / Euro Optional Base

  • The Classic / Euro Arteflame can be fitted to any of our optional low or high bases. The high base is ideal for standing around the Arteflame to socialize, grill or just enjoy the fire and warmth. The low base is perfect for sitting around the Arteflame and using it to grill or as a fire bowl. An optional extra base will give you the best of both worlds.

    If you are looking for some storage space underneath your Arteflame, you want the Tall Round base With Storage. Perfect for storing your utensils, charcoal or firewood. In case you want to just store firewood, you can remove the middle stainless steel shelve. This shelve divides the storage space into two 10" compartments (18 1/2" deep by 20" wide). The internal draining system ensures al rain water drains away from the storage compartment.

    • Euro base with large stainless-steel footer is ideal for placement on soft surfaces

    • Made of US Corten steel

    • Maintenance-free

    • Mix and Match, modular design

    • Can be left outside year round

    • Made in the USA